Release notes for version

In version of Xpand Portal our focus has been on a couple of improvements, addressing bugs, and putting the finishing touches to the previously released features to enhance the user experience.

Privacy consent management improvements (US7191)

As an additional improvement to Privacy Policy Management, portal members now have the ability to view the details of every instance when they gave privacy consent through the portal pages. This enhancement aligns with the transparency principle of GDPR and empowers portal members to have a clear understanding of their privacy choices.

The list of instances when the privacy consent was given is accessible from the front end within profile management. Members can review:

  • when and where they provided their consent
  • the unique consent ID
  • the text of the privacy consent¬†

The Export action improvement (US7191)

The Export action, which allows exporting data in various formats, has been improved and now gives you more control over exported file names.

Previously, the exported files had generic names, limiting the ability to identify their contents easily. Now, with the latest enhancement, during data export, portal members have the flexibility to change the suggested filename directly from the dialog window before saving the exported file. By default, the suggested file name is based on the title of the page the data is exported from.

Bug Fixes

Various issues have been fixed throughout Xpand Portal.